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Subo Cocoa Vision

•       After the Liberian civil war many farms were abandoned & overgrown as there was no financial support to the local farmers who were deprived of any financial support for their families. Subo took an opportunity to connect with some of the local farmers with their family own business experience by buying some farms and promoting cocoa beans with selected grades to export in EU & worldwide for processing purposes.

•       All modern technologies are implemented, and farms are taken good care of by adopting new integrated pest and crop management practices to reduce losses, improve quality and increase production.

•       Liberia cocoa was not so popular before the Liberian civil war because the state -owned Liberian produce marketing corporation enjoyed a monopoly on cocoa purchasing. Farmers did not even have access to market information. With the support of companies like SUBO export is now fortunately coming to the track.


    Subo cocoa beans quality

•       We started recently our own farms with the production capacity of 6500 mt yearly.

•       Subo target is to bring healthy, superior quality beans & authentic taste to the market, which in return can bring more income and social security to the Liberian farmers  and their families.

•       We can supply A type quality for the cocoa powder process, chocolate makers, cocoa milk producers, cocoa butter manufacturers & cosmetic industries.

•       Our cocoa beans are graded exclusively from the best quality beans to give the most authentic taste coming directly from our farms.

Benefits of cocoa beans:


One of the healthiest ingredients to be incorporated in everyones diet today. Enriched with more than 300 healthful compounds. Some of these include, phenylethylamine, theobromine, and many polyphenols, like flavonoids along with rich combination of several minerals & vitamins. Some of the main benefits:

  • Heathy cardiovascular system.
  • Antidepressant
  • Antioxidant
  • Energy Booster
  • Weight Loss




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